How I Store My Makeup Getting Organised!

Hello lovelies, today I wanted to talk to you about how I store my makeup. I am definitely no pro mua but I do love makeup and trying out new looks. Because I am fairly new to the world of makeup I haven’t got a huge collection like I have seen on other blogs or YouTube videos but I do have a small collection which I hope I can grow over time. I like to be quite minimalistic with my makeup and how I store it because I don’t like to have lots of clutter.


On the left hand  side of my desk there are two little jars, these are used to store any random bits and bobs that I use regularly like my tea tree oil and tweezers. I love how these look either side of my light which I got as a birthday present last year which I also think looks really cute when it’s all lit up! The rose gold colour of the jars is what I love most about them, I have a lot of rose gold dotted around which I find matches with my grey, pink and white colour scheme. I also love the way they are both shaped I think makes them look more unique and individual. I believe that they were sold to be used for tealight candles but I thought they would be perfect to sit on my desk for smaller bits and pieces that need a home!


In the middle of my desk is where my brushes live, most of which are real techniques but there are also some makeup revolution and other brushes hiding in there somewhere! I thought the colour and design of this pot was lovely and all of my makeup brushes fit in perfectly. I received this pot as a gift one Christmas, it makes it easier to reach for them as they are all in one place.


Next on my desk are my acrylic drawers. I bought these from Primark and they were a really good price (around £4). I had seen some online that looked pretty much identical for triple the price, so I was glad I found these! I keep some of my palettes and a few individual items in here because it helps to keep my desk tidy. By having these drawers it has made it easier for me to find things that would normally be in a makeup bag that I would have to dig through to find!  They are also quite a decent size so I am able to fit a few things into them like hair clips and grips as well as larger beauty products.


The last piece of storage on my desk is another acrylic tray that I also bought from Primark for around the same price. This tray has five different sections to it so it gives you a variety of different spaces to fit various items. At the back of this tray I have my eyeliner’s and mascaras, next to that I keep my concealers and eye primers as it is the deepest section of the tray and alongside this I keep my beauty sponges. To the right I keep lipsticks that I use the most (the others are in a makeup bag) as i think this is the perfect place to store them and it looks really cute!  The last section is where my foundation, eyebrow gels and lip balms live. I really love how this tray looks when it’s all filled up, I think it makes the area look neat as everything has a place but also I can keep part of my makeup collection on show.

The rest of my collection is kept one of my desk drawers I purchased from Ikea, in here is the makeup that I don’t use as often or they are too big to keep on top of my desk for example my eyeshadow pallets. I also have a pot which i use to store my liquid lipsticks in but i haven’t got a photo of it as it’s on a different shelf in my bedroom!

What kind of storage do you use for your beauty products? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Chloe xx



45 responses to “How I Store My Makeup Getting Organised!”

  1. Looks like your makeup is well organized. 🙂 I mainly use the acrylic trays as well and for brushes I use these small flower or candle pots from Ikea, they are so inexpensive and pretty to look at. My problem is space though, I’m unable to fit everything on my very small vanity. Also another issue of mine is that I’m messy and do not put the products back to where they belong immediately so my makeup desk is always a mess! 😀


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  2. Loving the C light! So cute ❤️ I have too much makeup. Embarrassingly so and so I have to hide it all away in my drawers. But I’ve organised those by using little boxes within in the drawers so I can easily find it all. And I put my lipsticks upside down so I can pick out the colour I want by reading the bottom 😀 great post! / Anna x

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  3. This looks so cute! I used to have acrylic storage like this, two black ones on either side of my vanity but because I don’t wear makeup everyday anymore (no point for work) so it just used to get dusty and look a mess 😦
    I’ve opted to keep everything except my brushes in drawers now so I’m still looking for some good drawer separators so everything can have it’s own space!

    Jess xx

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