February Favourites

Hello lovelies, sorry I’ve not posted for a few days I haven’t been feeling too well. I really like to read these types of posts so I thought I should give it a go for myself. I’m going to be writing about pretty much anything that I’ve been liking over that particular month. Because I started my blog at the beginning of this month February will be my first monthly favourites post!


There have been a few things I’ve really been enjoying through february one of which is the Wilde Like me book I mentioned this in my Sunshine Blogger Award post because it has become one of my favourite books. I love how its such an easy light-hearted read. It’s about real life and a Mother who has a 6-year-old daughter she’s divorced is back out looking for love as well as that she is trying to build up her career as an assistant MUA and is offered a big job, I don’t want to give the whole story away but it is such a good book. I’ve got about 40 pages left, and then I will be waiting for the sequel to be released!

My next favourite of the month is the Nivea face cream. As the weather has been so cold and I have naturally quite dry skin it makes it even worse, so I use this cream on any of the dryer patches on my face and apply it before I go to bed and in the morning. I like to use this cream when my skin is dryer than normal because it’s thicker than my Body Shop Vitamin E Moisturiser, i think it’s a bit more nourishing and hydrating on my skin.


I LOVE candles! Since it’s the start of a new year I wanted to use something new that i hadn’t tried before. Because i own so many candles my mum actually put some wax melts into my stocking at christmas and i decided to save them until the new year. I’ve used this melt about 5 times and the scent is still going really well i love Yankee candle and the idea of wax melts because they are definitely a lot less money and they give off the same amount of pay off with scent in my opinion. I really love the smell of pink sands and i will definitely be repurchasing!

I haven’t been too well health wise over this past month so I haven’t been wearing much makeup because I had to go out anywhere or really been feeling like wanting to wear it. The one thing I have been using for when I do go out is my collection lasting perfection concealer, its great for covering up the dark circles under my eyes due to my lack of sleep! I feel like I look a lot more alive after I have put a bit of this concealer as it helps to put a bit of colour back into my face which is great ahah.

I’ve also been catching up on lots of tv over February, I’ve really been loving Jack Whitehall’s series Travels with my Father which is on Netflix currently, I find myself laughing pretty much the whole way through each episode. There are also new episodes of Call the Midwife each week on BBC1 which I absolutely love its one of my all time favourite shows, it’s really a cosy show and i just love everything about it even if it does make me cry every time!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and next month hopefully I’ll be feeling better and there will be a few more things for me to show you!

Let me know in the comments what your favourites have been this month?

Thanks for reading 🙂

Chloe xx

12 responses to “February Favourites”

  1. Great favourites!! Sorry you’ve not been feeling well recently hope you feel better soon 😘 xx

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  2. I hope you feel better! I love that pink sands scent (:

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    1. aw thankyou! me too its lovely 🙂

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  3. Sorry you aren’t feeling well my lovely, hopefully you are on the mend now. The book sounds pretty good, I love that concealer and Yankee Candle melts too. I always feel more calm in the evenings when I have my smelly candles or melts lit xx

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    1. thankyou I’m getting there slowly! yes it is, i love to do that too the candle lights are so relaxing xx

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  4. We absolutely love the collection concealer! It makes a great base to pop those eyeshadow colours out of their pans! Hope you feel better doll!

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    1. Thankyou😊It’s great isn’t it and so affordable xx

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      1. Massively!! It’s totally and underrated hero!

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  5. I absolutely want to read Lousie’s book! I’ve heard mixed reviews and I’m glad you think it’s good. 🙂 I hope to read it on audio since reading actual books is hard to do in my busy schedule. Love your post!

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    1. Thankyou! I thought it was a really good read x


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