Summer Clothing Haul

Hello lovelies, I’ve been doing a lot of shopping recently as I am going on holiday at the end of this month. I thought I would write a post about what I’ve purchased.

The first shop I went to was Newlook, I ended up buying quite a few items in here as there was a big sale on!

The first item that caught my eye was this mustard yellow off the shoulder top. I thought this would be lovely to wear in the evenings with a skirt or a pair of shorts. I love the length of this top, it’s not too short or too long. Therefore it will sit well with anything high-waisted. This top was only £3 down from £8.99.


The next clothing item I saw was this lovely black vest top. I really like the zip detail running down the front on the top I think it adds a little more to it rather than being plain. When I tried this top on I thought it might be a little too short but when I paired it with some shorts that were high-waisted it worked really well. I also thought that this top would be good to wear on a beach day as it will go over  bikini nicely. The price of this top was £2 down from £5.99!


I then went to the 915 range, as I am quite small I am able to fit into size 14-15 still. I found this gorgeous pair of red floral shorts, I loved how bright these were and that there were frills along the edge of them. I don’t wear a huge amount of colour so I thought this summer I would branch out and try to be more confident by wearing brighter outfits. The material of these shorts is quite formal, because of this they will be good to wear when I’m out in the evenings on holiday and back at home. These shorts were origionally £12.99 and i paid £6 for them.


I came across this top when I was still in the 915 range. I really liked the colour of it as I don’t own many clothes that are a khaki green colour. I think the straps are really in fashion at the moment as I’ve seen lots of them around. The shirt is a really nice fit and I like to wear high neck tops as I think they look good with shorts or a skirt. This top was £2 down from £6.99.


I also went to Primark on this shopping trip and picked up  couple of bits. This first thing I picked up were two pairs of sandals. I really needed some of these as I have been having to wear throughout this hot weather. I wanted to find a pair of sandals that I could pair with any outfit. I really loved the look of these ones as they are black they will go with lots of outfits, the studs and gold rim add detail which I liked a lot as i think it gives the sandal more character. These were £6 which i thought was an amazing price considering how comfortable they are and their aesthetics .


The last thing I picked up was a this pair of pink sliders. I thought these would be a really nice pair of shoes to put with any outfit. I thought the ruffles were a different detail as none of the sandals I have are like this. These were only £4 which was a bargain, you can’t really go wrong with something like these.


That’s all for today, let me know what you think of these items in the comments!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Chloe xx

16 responses to “Summer Clothing Haul”

  1. Love these finds! I instantly looked online for the black zip top, just love the idea of wearing it on Holiday with a bikini! ♥
    Georgia x //

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    1. Thanks! The black top was such a good find, I’ve been wanting one like it for ages! x

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  2. You have a nice choice of outfits and accessories… loved the shorts ..pretty prints that would be perfect for summer outings.

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I loved them too they, they will brighten up any outfit!


  3. I NEED those pink sliders. They’re so pretty! 💜

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    1. They are!! So affordable as well you can’t not! X


  4. Very cute pick-ups! Enjoy your holiday (:

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    1. Thankyou so much x 🙂

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  5. Those sliders! Oh I’m dead – I NEED THEM xx thanks for sharing

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    1. You’re welcome!! xx

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  6. Hi!
    I love amazing bargains and it looks like you snagged a true bargain in your shopping trip!
    Vacations are always a great time for sprucing up your wardrobe and dressing up in different ways than you do usually!
    I hope you’re following up with pictures from your trip. I can imagine a wide brimmed hat paired with any of your fantastic finds. You’re fortunate to be able to fit into so many types of clothes!

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  7. Such cute items!! I love the black zip up top best xx

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  8. Love the pink sliders! ❤️

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