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Hello lovelies,

I hope you are all well. Today I wanted to write a review on this product I found while looking for a new brow gel in Primark.

I really like using their brow gel, it works really well and holds my brows in place for the whole day. As I was looking I couldn’t find any on their own, instead i found this Brow Emergency set.

For £2.50 I couldn’t not give it a try. As you can see within the set you get 4 items. The first is a little brow pencil, next is a spoolie, then the brow gel and lastly a pair of tweezers. For this price you are getting each item for around 62p which is incredible! I love the look of this little set, it come in a clear plastic container and on the back there is a set of pictures that are showing you the steps to this kit.

The set I got was medium brown I like the feel of the brow pencil and the gel as the packaging for both are mainly matte, i think it gives it a sleek design.



At first look tweezers are not the best quality in the world but for 62p you can’t complain too much. They are a classic silver colour and the size of them is pretty good as they are the same size as a regular pair. When it came to plucking the hairs they were actually pretty good, i wasn’t expecting them to be so precise and it didn’t hurt much at all!

The Brow Pencil

I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of this brow pencil. As i said before I got mine in the shade  medium brown The texture of the pencil is really smooth and silky as it goes onto the brows , I  found that it also blended out really well. This shade is a little bit darker than what I would normally go for so it took me a little while to get used to them as it did give them a more bold look. To get this sort of tone you only need to press lightly on the pencil as it is really pigmented. I will definitely continue to use this product.



Next is the set is a little eyebrow spoolie. I love using spoolies as I find they help so much with getting the hairs all in the right direction and it helps to neaten the look up. My normal brow product is the Benefit goof proof brow pencil which comes with a spoolie on one end and the product at the other end. The handle on this spoolie is not the best quality as its plastic and quite small, apart from this its still easy to use and I think the bristles on it are really good, they are quite soft so the don’t scratch the skin underneath when you’re combing. Due to its size I think this would be a good product to put in your handbag/ travel bag.

Brow Gel

The last piece the this set is the Brow gel! As I mentioned above i really like the brow gel that Primark sell. This one has slightly different packaging and is a little bit bigger than the one i purchased previously but it works all the same. I find this brow gel really good for keeping my brows in place without putting too much product on them like other brands i have tried. What I like about this particular brand is that it doesn’t leave your brows hard or “straw like” as some other brands do. I will definitely be being this product again when it runs out.


Overall I think this buy was a success, I don’t know if i will continue to use the tweezers but I will keep them in my draw as a back up if i am going away or happen to lose my current pair. My favourite part of this set has to be the brow pencil as it really did surprise me with how well it worked.

Have you tried this brow set, or will you try it after reading? What brand is your favourite brow gel from?  Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Chloe xx

C.K Beauty

21 responses to “Brow Emergency Kit | Review”

  1. foundationsandfairytales Avatar

    I’ve never tried any Primark brow products but I do need a good brow gel so I’m so glad I read this! It’s always good to have a back up pair of tweezers, I’m forever losing mine. I think for £2.50 even if the other products aren’t that great it’s still worth it for the brow gel, most drugstore gels would cost at least twice that price! I’ll keep my eye out for it next time I’m shopping, thanks for sharing!

    Jess //

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  2. I’ve heard so many good things about Primark brow products, I need to try some for myself. I personally don’t do much to my brows, I like to have them wax and tinted so I don’t need to fuss about with them. Great blog post, thanks for sharing lovely. 💜

    With love, Alisha Valerie x |

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    1. You should definitely give them ago! Even just the brow gel xx


  3. I’ve been so many good things about Primark beauty products.

    Ooh these look so good. Recently I’ve seen Primark highlighters and eyeshadows too that got good reviews.

    I may need to give them a go! For the price you can’t go wrong really. Plus I do love a good brow gel. 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    Fran x

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    1. I really want to try out some of their eyeshadows, they look lovely! You should give the brow gel a go I think it’s one of the best ones I’ve tried!
      Thanks for reading! Xx


  4. I’ve never used Primark – I need to look into them!!

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    1. You should definitely try it out!

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  5. This sounds like a handy set, need this for my handbag!
    My recent post:

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    1. Yes! It’s compact as well so wouldn’t take up too much same xx


      1. You’re welcome !! 😘


  6. I’m always on the look out for brow stuff and found Brow Food (US) is really, really awesome. As a redhead with eyebrows so pale blonde they’re almost clear it can be hard to get a brown that isn’t too dark while trying to get some definition!

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    1. Yeah I can understand how hard it must be to find a good shade!


  7. ooooh

    this is really cool. I just get my eyebrows threaded and pluck strays when they grow! I tried using pencil on my eyebrows once but I looked awful – I already have thick bushy dark eyebrows!


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    1. Thankyou! You’re lucky you’ve already got naturally full eyebrows! X


  8. Mrs Nuttall Says Avatar
    Mrs Nuttall Says

    First of all your pictures are absolutely lovely! Really work well with your post. I’ve never tried this product but I am looking for a new budget brow product so I think you’ve convinced me to give it a try! Great review

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    1. Thank you so much! Yes, you should definitely give it a go! Let me know how you get on x

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  9. That’s an amazing deal! I’m so intrigued about other brow products! I’ve yet to find any I love— except ABH clear brow gel! It’s amazing and lasts forever!

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    1. You should definitely give it a go! X


  10. […] next Favourite is the Primark brow pencil, I did a review of this which you can read here Brow Emergency Kit | Review. I loved the kit and have actually been using it ever since. One of my particular favourites though […]


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