Goals for 2020

Hello lovelies,

I hope you are all doing well, happy new year! In today’s post I wanted to share my goals for 2020 with you, I will also be reflecting on my resolutions for 2019 and how they went.

I wanted to make my goals realistic but also to give myself a challenge at the same time. I like to give myself goals for the new year to look back on and see if I managed to achieve them.

Let me know one of your goals for this year in the comments!

Goals For My Blog

• post weekly for the whole year

• reach 1000 followers

• create a planner/schedule for my blog

Goals For My Health/Fitness

•take time out for self care

•complete couch to 5k

•cook healthy meals from scratch more often

Goals For My Work Life

•complete my nail technician course

•gain more confidence in myself

•start up my own business

A Reflection on 2019

Now I’ve talked about my goals for this year I wanted to reflect on last years resolutions. I set a few of these last year, one of the most important resolutions I made was to focus on my mental health and keeping a PMA. For most of 2019 I think I did this pretty well, there were a few low points but I think everyone has this once in a while. I have kept a positive mental attitude and have tried to see the good in situations. I am currently working my way towards being a nail technician, I’m glad I took the leap and am really looking forward to what the future holds.

The next goal I set for 2019 was to spend more time doing things I love, I would say this was definitely a success. I made sure I went out, spending time with family, mostly shopping! Or spending time with my boyfriend, staying in watching movies or going out for food. Without these people I don’t think where I’d be! This year I want to do more of all the above and also really try to grow my blog by taking the time to really make it the best it can be. I love this community and writing/photography is one of my passions.

The last resolutions I made for 2019 were based around health and fitness. I wanted to tone up, towards the end on this year I discovered Chloe Ting on YouTube, I really enjoy her fitness videos and would recommend them if you are just starting out with fitness! Although I haven’t seen a major difference in myself physically yet I do feel better mentally. I also wanted to start eating more fruit, one way I have done this is by making smoothies. It’s a great way of using up fruit and you can put whatever you like in it. To tie in with my last goal I talked about trying out dairy alternatives, in my smoothies I like to add coconut or oat milk and I love it!

Looking back on 2019 I think I did pretty well with my resolutions, I hope this year goes even better.

Remember to leave one of your goals for 2020 in the comments!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Chloe xx

Resolutions for Twenty Nineteen

Hello Lovelies,

How are you all doing?

Today I thought I would share my resolutions and goals for this year.

I have a few that I would love to achieve throughout 2019 as well as new things I would like to try. I wanted to my resolutions realistic and achievable by not setting the bar too high, as I’ve figured that normally doesn’t plan out the way you want it to.

The first thing on my list is the most important to me, I have struggled with my mental health a lot in the past but I feel this year is a time for change. At the start of 2018 I had no idea where I was headed, my future was very foggy and uncertain. Now we are at the beginning of 2019 and I can truly say I have not felt this happy with my life and myself for a long time. I am so much more confident, I am trying to face my anxiety head on which is something i have never attempted in the past and i believe it is doing me some good. I am going to keep a positive mental attitude, and try to see the good in every situation I am faced with.

My next resolution is to spend more time doing things I love, one of the main things here is writing. I really enjoy making content for my blog. I started my blog in February last year, now nearly a year on I want to really start making regular content and make time for it as it is something that makes me really happy. It takes the stress away and gives me something to concentrate fully on for a little while. I also have a big passion for photography so I hope to improve on the quality and creativeness of my photos this year and really make my images exciting and vibrant. I hope to gain more readers and to find more wonderful blogs to read myself in turn!

Another goal of mine is quite typical and something I say every year but have never really made it happen. I want to focus on getting fit. I would like to enjoy fitness as well as I know it helps people to feel happier and healthier in general. Toning up my body and get stronger are the two main aspects i am hoping to focus on. Something I have seen recently is Pole Fitness, this looks like such a challenge and I think I would really enjoy doing it.  As pretty much all of my friends are away studying at university I would have to brave it on my own, this is the only thing holding me back at the moment. I hope I can gather up the confidence to go as I know I would love it and it would definitely help with toning up!

Along with fitness, my eating habits is also something to centre my attention on. Being a vegetarian I’d like to think I implement a good amount of nutrients into my diet, fruit is something Im determined to start eating more of. I would like to incorporate it more into my breakfasts and lunches to get more of a variety. As well as that I am going to try cutting down on my dairy intake, I am going to try different alternatives and test them out to see which ones I can put into my diet in exchange with original dairy products.

I didn’t want to set myself too many resolutions/goals this year and think that all of these are reasonable and achievable if I work hard and don’t give up. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and you stick with me throughout 2019 and you all have great year!

I would love to hear some of your goals for this year in the comments!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Chloe  xx

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